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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HW 2/27-28 checklist (due W-TH)

Read storyline ARTifact handout
Research/record words/concepts chosen (store in vj bring to next studio)
  1. Mood/emotion
  2. Sensory experience
  3. Body movement
  4. Word – verb, noun, adjective
  5. Materiality
  6. Ground (substructure)
  7. Metaphor/symbol
Independent drawing series 3
   Post most interesting to fb—identify tool and method
Begin harvest storyline materials
All previous drawings
All mark making supplies PLUS exacto, TAPE, rag, bleach or bleach pens, black paper or heavier, heavy paper, ground
NEXT surface studio we will be mark making initially based on damaging paper (with ink, charcoal, pencils of choice) and then rest of studio based largely on research about  your story -- emphasizing emotion, body movement, and your verb.

Friday, February 24, 2012

weekend HW checklist
due 2/27-28

1. reread storyline-the story

2. review peer feedback

3. update storyLINE version #1
    Bring two copies (1 for me; put one in VJ)

Write storyLINE version #2 (based on exact same experience as version #1)
Bring two copies (1 for me; put one in VJ)
Options for version #2
1. Reverse storyline
2. Write from the other person’s perspective
3. Write from perspective of inanimate object or space
4. Change tense (past/present/future)
5. Exaggerate an unexpected or mundane portion
6. Sensualize it (not sexualize)
7. Rearrange it based on some system
8. Twist it
9. Reverse the meaning
10. Remove noun(s) and replace with descriptiosn
11. Write it as though it happened 60 years later (as though it had occurred in old age)
Independent series
{push it; experiment; do it in a new way; if you don’t like result, do it again}
1. Walk the line photo series - store high quality photos in vj and post 1 to fb
2. Series two drawings (9) - bring to studio
New mark making instruments
Charcoal (soft/dark/smeary)
Gum eraser
AND all previous supplies—ink, dipping container and lid, weird objects, LOTS of paper (not just newsprint)

INDEPENDENT PROJECTS -- Professor Becky Finley, teaches photography at SAM and is photography major advisor, will be joining us for a portion of the our Human comp and identity essential crits. Yay!

[p4] Human comps due 3/5-6
[p5] Identity essentials due 3/5-6

Artist Presentations (see artist/presentation calendar)
Artist Paper (due April 27--typed version and TurnItIn digital version)

[p7] imagine [artist] collaboration
assigned 2/24 in lecture

[p7] imagine [artist] collaboration [pdf]

Produce a collaborative artwork your selected lecture contemporary artist.
Research strategies, motivations, processes, subject matter, worldview, and biographical information of a randomly selected contemporary artist, and embark on a fictional collaborative project with the artist producing an actual artwork.

Engage in comprehensive research and show an understanding of the artist’s work and strategies as well to explore the your own influences and motivations.
Evidence research through a written paper (lecture), and a presentation (lecture).
Produce a collaborative project reflecting a 50/50 consideration
of the researched artist’s work and the your own sensibilities as artist/designer.
Exhibit ambition, superb craft, thoughtful display, ingenuity, and conceptual risk.

Step 1: (lecture component) Through a random drawing, select one contemporary artist to “work with” on a mock collaboration project. Research artist in depth, looking beyond first impressions of the artist’s work into the content, including the artist’s background, ideology, experiences, influences, working habits, strategies and motivations. Likewise, reflect and note the same for yourself in surface VJ.

Step 2: (lecture component) See PRESENTATION + RESEARCH PAPER, 1315.01.

Step 3: (SURFACE studio component) Create an artwork that equally reflects chosen artist and yourself. The hybrid resulting artwork should challenge you toward new ideas and processes. It should involve experimentation and risk. Do not be neutral in your use of visual language. Visual language is not neutral or natural but often subject to the forces of politics, history, gender, and race.

Harvesting ideas {thoughtfully answer EACH in surface vj = up #5}
  • What conceptual themes are present in this artist’s work?
  • How do you recognize the influence of previous art movements in the work of this artist? Explain.
  • What formal choices are regularly present in this artist’s work?
  • Explain the materials used and artistic process of this artist.
  • What artistic habits do you and your contemporary artist share?
  • Imagine that you and your artist were to share a meal.
  • What would you want to ask him/her?
  • Explain how that imagined meal might happen {what would you eat,
  • what non-art things would you talk about, what advise would you seek}
Anaylsis Questions [answer in surface vj = due check up #5]
  • What is authorship?
  • What are the complexities involved in the collaborative process?
    ie consider human comps collaboration
  • What are effective strategies in researching and interpreting the work of another artist? of discovering your own?
  • How do personal or socio—political events impact the life of artists and influence their work?
  • What considerations are involved in conceptualizing and producing a complex work of art?
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of artist
  • Demonstrates deep understanding of own artistic habits, influences
  • and motivations
  • Ambitiousness in concept
  • Ambitiousness in form and craft
  • Thoughtful display/presentation
  • Clearly reflects a 50/50 consideration of researched artist and own sensibilities

Papers Friday, April 27 [both typed hardcopy + digital]
Presentation See Presentation Calendar

Imagine Collaboration - work independently (own time).

Critique Everyone
Exhibiting Artist
Phase 4-6 groups
, Friday, April 20, 9:30 am
  • Proposal for facility usage due surface studio, 3/21-22
  • Installation surface studio, 4/18-19 plus after hours on your studio day
  • Desinstallation + facility restoration, 4/22-23, after hours
Phase 1-3 groups, Friday, April 27, 9:30 am
  • Proposal for facility usage due surface studio, 3/28-29
  • Installation surface studio 4/25-26 plus after hours on your studio day
  • Desinstallation + facility restoration, Sunday 4/29, all day

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Identity Essentials

Ashton (artist of project) and Chelsea (functioning as photographer) have set the bar for each of you on [p5] identity essentials (due 3/5-6)

The body as landscape. These are a good example of a highly formal translation of body as landscape.



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend MW + TTH HW checklist

  1. crit dot scape scape write up (use essay format to talk about your own work) + photo documentation in VJ

  2. reread CAREFULLY each project sheet
    [p4] human comp collaborative (independent team project)
    [p5] identity essentials (independent project)
    [p6] storyLINE - story
  1. draft up your storyLINE the story (bring finished version, 7 copies, for review on 2/22-23)
  2. update VJ (due 2/20-21). see checklist
  3. collect mark making materials
  4. TTH only. Write Compare/Contrast Crit Essay (bring 3 typed copies Tuesday!!!)
mark making materials - handfull of SHARPENED pencils, rubber band or tape, INK, wide mouth container and lid for ink (big enough to dip weird things into), PAPER, PAPER, MORE PAPER and BIG PAPER (newsprint pad and other heavy weight papers). PS I hate xerox copy paper.

Each table team needs a small container of spackle, one cheap small plastic spackle joint knife (it will be near the spackle in the store), and your sanding block for Monday/Tuesday.

We will deinstall the dot scapes this week. Each artist is responsible to repair and clean their section of the wall and any mess that hits the floor--holes, sheetrock pimples, bumps and bulges, measurement marks, etc.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading Quiz Friday @ 9:30 am
do NOT be late.
no make ups

Check Reading Calendar for chapters and pages covered. NO scantron required. Bring writing utensil.

Regular lecture will follow the quiz on Friday. Friday's theme is the body with emphasis on the feminism and early feminist art.

[p4] human comps
pre-read but wait for kk's verbal instruction before beginning

[p4] human comps [download pdf project sheet]


Create two photographic compositions ( 8 x 10 ) collaboratively with table team adapted from your most interesting DOT or SQUARED comp [p1 or p2] that reinforces the original concept. Adapt comp by introducing the human element. Team members function as dots (or squares) and an environment must be chosen or created to represent the white/negative space. Each photo should be mounted on ½” white or black foamcore with no borders.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[p3] dot landscape grading rubric

Work must be mounted before 9:15 am on crit day

INSTALLING WORK. KK will be in WASH house to help you install your work
MW crew
Sunday evening 7-9 and Monday morning 7:30-9:15

TTH crew
Monday evening (Time TBA) and Tuesday morning 7:30-9:00 for installation for TTH
Bring your source BW dot or square composition; it will be set on floor below your two pieces. Also create a fortune cookie sized name tag with your first name, last initial and MW or TTH, to put below work (suggest 12pt type)

MW crew crit 2/13; TTH crew crit 2/14

[p3] dot landscape project sheet -- [grading rubric download pdf]

Same parameters will be used for both #1 + #2

sense of squareness, wall mounted + extends at least 2” off wall
craft of presentation/mounting
substructure/including sides
negative space
positive space
material choice + usage
use of BW
use of tension
use of repetition and rhythm
extends/strengthens concept
(concept? ___________________________)
interesting translation/sampling of/from topographic/magnetic imagery
overtly based on original comp

Surface Visual Journal [VJ] Checklists

#2 surface visual journal checklist
due W 2/15 + TH 2/16 adjusted due date M 2/20 + T 2/21]
  1. crit write up-[p1] dot + [p2] squared
  2. sketches-(12) topographic + magnetic field map studies
  3. crit write up-[p3] dot landscape #1 prcoess review
  4. crit write up-[p3] dot landscape final crit
  5. documentation images-[p3] - 5 photographs
    1-presentation of both on wall
    2-landscape #1 (whole thing)
    3-landscape #1 (detail)
    4-landscape #2 (whole thing)
    5-landscape #2 (detail)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

W-TH surface HW checklist (due M-T)

___   Dot (or squared) landscape #1 should be 90% complete.

___  Harvest and bring with you to next studio all materials to construct landscape #2

___  Be sure to bring your
___  structure to build on
___  binding, suspending, etc agents
___  necessary tools for building/refining
___  surface materials plus extras
You will begin landscape #2 next surface studio.

--- This reminder is only for those who need reminded ---

No supplies or inadequate supplies will count as an absent or 1/2 relative to grade. Inadequate supplies to maintain focused worked for entire studio will count as 1/2 absent relative to grade.