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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[p3] dot landscape grading rubric

Work must be mounted before 9:15 am on crit day

INSTALLING WORK. KK will be in WASH house to help you install your work
MW crew
Sunday evening 7-9 and Monday morning 7:30-9:15

TTH crew
Monday evening (Time TBA) and Tuesday morning 7:30-9:00 for installation for TTH
Bring your source BW dot or square composition; it will be set on floor below your two pieces. Also create a fortune cookie sized name tag with your first name, last initial and MW or TTH, to put below work (suggest 12pt type)

MW crew crit 2/13; TTH crew crit 2/14

[p3] dot landscape project sheet -- [grading rubric download pdf]

Same parameters will be used for both #1 + #2

sense of squareness, wall mounted + extends at least 2” off wall
craft of presentation/mounting
substructure/including sides
negative space
positive space
material choice + usage
use of BW
use of tension
use of repetition and rhythm
extends/strengthens concept
(concept? ___________________________)
interesting translation/sampling of/from topographic/magnetic imagery
overtly based on original comp

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