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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WASH first day; don't miss; don't be late!

2220 Avenue M.

WASH = Workshop in Art Studio and History

The new WASH Building, 2220 Ave. M, across from Holleman Field. We'll be welcoming our new spring WASHers PROMPTLY at 9:30 am, Wednesday, August 29 for the MW studio crew and Thursday, August 30 for the TTH crew. Don't miss! It is a full day and you will fall quickly behind if you miss this day!

At 9:30 am on Friday, August 31 we all meet together over in room 108 of art building E.

On the first day bring
1. Newspapers (the equivalent of one Sunday Houston Chronicle in thickness)
2. One roll of plain masking tape (tan or neutral in color)
3. Camera or camera phone
4. Lock (combination style...optional)
5. Sack lunch (we have a fridge + microwave for student use during our one hour lunch break)
6. Layers (temp in WASH house may not be to your liking)
Some work created by WASHers spring 2012.
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WASH House (M-THs) and Art Auditorium (Fridays)

Fall 2012 WASH surface posts begin here.

WASH fall 2012 
begins HERE
 ART WASH 1313.01-02 + 4319.01-08

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