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Saturday, October 27, 2012

WEEKend 9 to-do

  1. Both storyLINEs version 1 + 2 
  2. storyLINE ARTifact project sheet 
  3. Discussed proposal 
  4. Add to your research (many of you were give specific directives)

  1. Collect materials for storyLINE ARTifact 
  2. Observable testing + fabrication on storyLINE
    (collection of materials does not qualify as observable testing/progress)  

storyLINE proposal, sketches, photographs, materials, binding systems, BLUE tape, specialty tools as needed, initial fabricated storyLINE ARTifact

Monday, October 22, 2012

midWEEK 9 - storyLINE ARTifact proposal development


Review team notes on three ARTifact pitches for your storyLINE.
Develop your own proposal for your storyLINE ARTifact (this may be taken from team ideas or your own idea). THIS IS FOR A GRADE.

Proposal + Elevator Pitch [a copy in your VJ and a copy for me]
  1. sketches
  2. photos of other artists' works that might be similar or inspirational
  3. description 
  4. include each of the following with your description and describe how it relates to your story
  • mood
  • movement
  • metaphor
  • materials
  • sensory experience
  • key words
  • how it emphasizes line
  • presentation method

lost? review some of pinterest collections [they all apply] for idea generation.
WASH storyLINE, WASH body, WASH mm,
WASH body as site of conflict, WASH dot/map scapes,
WASH lump art here, some past WASH projects.
collect potential materials to test, BRING, including possible binding agents/systems, and bring both proposal copies (VJ + KK copy) to surface studio.

Wednesday / Thursday is a storyLINE studio WORKDAY. Bring materials to start your storyLINE ARTifact.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


bring seven (7) copies of storyLINE version #2 are needed for Monday/Tuesday! pass this on to your table mates, please. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

surface WEEKend 8 to-do list


  1. Identity Essentials self evaluation using crit guide; address each item; be thorough; TYPE up. Due m/t.

  2. StoryLINE version #1 revisions/corrections should be in VJ.

  3. StoryLINE version #2 write; bring 7 copies next studio [m/t].
    Options for rewrite (choose only 1):
    • Reverse storyline
    • Write from the other person’s perspective
    • Write from perspective of inanimate object or space
    • Change tense (past/present/future)
    • Exaggerate an unexpected or mundane portion
    • Sensualize it (not sexualize)
    • Rearrange it based on some system
    • Twist it
    • Reverse the meaning
    • Remove noun(s) and replace with descriptions
    • Write it as though it happened 60 years later (as though it had occurred in old age)

  4. Generate storyLINE list of words, one for each of the following relative to your story (in it or inferred):
    • mood
    • meaning/metaphor 
    • materials

  5. READ storyLINE ARTifact project sheet.
  6. Put together a storyLINE ARTifact pitch (with two options) for two possible directions for the piece to go. Include: sketches, photographs of related work, how it relates to your story in terms of mood, movement, meaning/metaphor, materials AND LINE.

  7. READ big IDEA project sheet

  8. Gather materials for imagine collab, put some independent workdays on your calendar.

Bring Identity Essential write up (2 copies--one to turn in; one for VJ)
storyLINE artifact elevator pitch support,
storyLINE version #2 (2 copies),
storyLINE artifacts material samples to test and for elevator pitch

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CHANGE for Thursday Identity Essential install

important notice of change due to WIND! pass it on to the rest of your table mates!

  • prior to 9:30 am.
  • install will need to be INSIDE on walls.
  • choose a wall area that allows crit access
  • present your work more vertically vs horizontally to allow room for peers
mounting system
hot glue string/wire across back
be sure it is centered and exactly same distance from top for each picture

create a thin cardboard (cereal box thickness) tab on back to hang
be sure it is centered and exactly same distance from top for each picture
put flat style thumbtack in wall and hang work. be sure images are arranged intentionally and level

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

midWEEK 8 to-dos (due W/TH)

  • Revise/correct storyLINE version #1 (due next studio) 
  • StoryLINE artifact project development (from storyLINE #1)
    LIST dominate or sample of EACH of the following from your story, written or inferred. 
  1. Mood/emotion 
  2. Sensory experience 
  3. Body movement 
  4. Word (one for each) – verb, noun, adjective 
  5. Materiality 
  6. Ground (substructure) 
  7. Metaphor/symbol 
independent drawing series 3 - ghost drawings  
  1. magnets preattached to backs (via hot glue or Velcro) of each identity essential photo 
  2. name label (tape will work) on back of EACH identity essential photo AND number of vertical viewing order (top #1 - bottom #5) 
  3. tape, paper 
  4. camera to document identity essential display of your work 
  5. as always, VJ  
Friday -- lecture major EXAM. do not be absent--no make ups. check out blackboard WASH lecture > course documents for study guide + plus quiz 1 & 2

Thursday, October 11, 2012

WEEKend 7 to do checklist

  1. Review/read imagine collab project sheet 
  2. Complete human comp collab write up-include image of entire set. 
  3. Prepare imagine collab proposal (elevator pitch, precise facility request, sketches)
    sketches, description, material, presentation, precise facility location request.
    be prepared to meet one on one for your elevator pitch with above support material
  4. Read storyLINE project sheet 
  5. Write storyLINE, proof, refine, type, print SEVEN (7) copies 
  6. Mood mark characteristics: develop a list of mark/line 4 to 5 qualities or characteristics as general principles for define each of the following moods. Next to each characteristic list a body movement that parallels the feeling of the mark. Example: anger--heavy, dark, large but concentrated (mark); raising of arm and shaking fist in specific direction (body). 
  1. StoryLINE 
  2. Walk the line photo series (no posts to fb); print real photographic prints (no ink or bubble jet) 
  3. Imagine collab proposal   
  4. Identity essential photo series (due w/th)
  • All previous drawings
  • 7 copies of your storyLINE
  • Imag collab proposal (copy for you and me)
  • CHARCOAL (soft and dark, messy, smeary)
  • RAG
week 8 coming DUE 
walk the line photo series + story version 1
Imagine collab proposal + elevator pitch

identity essentials photo series crit

Friday lecture exam

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

midWEEK 7 to do

  1. Using  human comp collab crit guide to determine content, writing in paragraph form and complete sentences, self reflect on your teams project. 
  2. LIST 3 1/2 things you learned that you should consider for identity essentials 
  3. Review storyline story handout (story due 10/15-16—7 copies) 
  1. Drawing series 2
  2. Review both drawings series 1 & 2 AND drawings from class. 
  3. Choose line drawing that best represents  EACH of the following (write your name and the emotion in bottom corner [VERY SMALL] of each drawing):
    1. anger
    2. joy
    3. boredom
    4. fright/fear
    5. laughter
    6. sadness
    7. control 
    a CD/DVD or bring on USB with human comp collab final presentation set [1 per team]
  1. LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGG STICK or ruler, something that will extend your reach 2 to 3 feet.
  2. INK + wide mouth container for ink, 
  3. crazy non-art objects to dip in ink (bring 15 items minimum)
  4. lots of PAPEr (quality that will handle ink)
  5. tape to secure paper

Sunday, October 7, 2012

human comp collab install

    put your name, MW or TTH, table number on the back each of your individual comps. write on tape or label and secure to back.
    ROLLING WALLS each table team is to use ONE SIDE of one rolling walls.

    PRESENTATION install the entire teams work paying attention to formal and conceptual relationships and sequencing

    NAME TAG create a small table team tag. include table team number and each team members first name.

    ATTACHMENT use sticky velcro dots to secure pictures to plywood walls.
    if strategically placed, each image should only need one dot.
    NO other types of sticky stuff may be used.

    WHEN work should be installed prior to 9 pm crit day (10/8 - MW; 10/9 - TTH)
    AFTER space studio is fully dismissed by Valerie, remove velcro from team wall. if a residue is left on wall, your team will need to remove it with goobe gone before 5 pm.

    KK will photographs

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WEEKend 6 to-do checklist

update VJ--due Oct 8-9
content for check up #2 surface visual journal

  1. dot or square comp--selected for [p3] mapscapes
  2. sketches--12 polished topographic + magnetic sketch studies
  3. research evidence--additional research for mapscapes. see WEEKend #4 checklist
  4. brainstorming lists--[p4] human comp collab
  5. calendar/schedule--[p4] human comp collab
  6. research--[p4] human comp collabs individual research (see blog posting week 5)
  7. crit notes--[p3] mapscapes (5 things you learned from others plus crit notes)
  8. crit write up--use mapscape crit guide
  9. gradesheets--dots, squared blitz, mapscapes
  10. photographs--[min] three photos of [p3] mapscapes; 1-both together; 1-topo only; 1 mag only; recommend some detail shots as well
  11. photographs--your two [p4] human comp collab 
  • complete human comp collab. crit 10/8-9 (install night prior).
  • complete independent line drawings Series One Drawings 
Tony Orrico
Remember to not hold your marking utensil based on writing habits. Explore holding multiple tools at once (ie 5 pencils instead of one). If too large create a cardboard sandwich to protect them. Bring all drawings to studio.

Complete each on separate paper. Repeat until you find the results interesting AND pleasing. Recommend using good paper.
  1. Draw 100 parallel lines with your eyes closed. 
  2. Attack the page with a mark-making tool 
  3. Attack the page with an alternate mark-making tool 
  4. Draw 200 lines. 100 with each hand at the same time. 
  5. Crumple paper and smooth, then draw repetitive lines for 4-8 minutes. 
  6. Fold paper and smooth, then draw repetitive lines for 4 minutes. 
  7. Tape your page down, write your name 100 or more times with your eyes closed. 
  8. Tape your page down, write a thought over and over until the page is full (10 minutes or more).
PENCILS (presharpened)...consider some with softer (dark) lead, INK, wide mouth container for ink, crazy non-art objects to dip in ink (bring 15 items minimum), lots of PAPEr (quality that will handle ink), tape to secure paper

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

midWEEK 6

Read/Research/Write [VJ] 
  • photo document mapscapes [3 photos; see notes on dry erase board]
  • mount photos in VJ by crit write up
  • VJ due next week
  • SPACKLE, sanding sponge
  • VJ as usual
  • paper [white, larger than 8.5 x 11] , 50 plus sheets
  • pencils [~20, sharpen before coming to class]
2nd studio this week
  • Q&A on independent projects
  • finish mapscape crit
  • PCA for mapscapes (be sure you signed the plates prior to studio)
  • sensory translation explorations (lots of papers & pencils)
    music > movement > mark > mood
  • deinstallation and wall restoration
  • secure and store mapscapes for end of semester exhibition