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Monday, March 5, 2012

MT 3/5-6 HW
checklist for 3/7-8

[p5] identity essentials
  1. Review peer critique sheet - store in VJ
  2. Using critique sheet write up self critique - put in VJ
[p6] StoryLINE ARTifact proposal [bring 2 copies]
  1. materials
  2. binding agents
  3. scale
  4. facility needs
  5. how it incorporates-- LINE, RHYTHM, MOOD, MOVEMENT, METAPHOR
  6. several sketches (what it will look like; how it will exist in the space)
Prep for [p5] human comp collab crit by completing guide in VJ
  1. Those not complete with identity essential, put work back up before 9:30.
    Crit will resume at 9:30 next studio
  2. Human Comp Collab should be up on wall ready for crit prior to 9:30.
  3. Proposal + sample storyLINE materials
  4. Bring mark making library of all drawings, cutting utensil, tape, metal ruler, brain.

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